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EN. Following the decree of the 14 March 2020 all Frog establishments are closed to the public until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding, we hope to see you soon.


GINGER TWIST (12x33cl)
Ginger-Infused Ale - 4,2%

GINGER TWIST (12x33cl)

By combining the pleasantly floral aroma of a Bobek hop with fresh root ginger, lemon and lime our brewers have created a truly unique beer.


This product contains wheat and barley.


International Beer Challenge

2018-BRONZE : Herb & Spice Beers

2017-BRONZE : Herb & Spice Beers

World Beer Awards

2017 - -BEST IN FRANCE : Herb & Spice Beers

2016 - -FRANCE SILVER : Herb & Spice Beers

2015 - -FRANCE GOLD : Herb & Spice Beers

Concours International de Lyon

2016 -GOLD : Herb & Spice Beers

Barcelona Beer Challenge

2016 - BRONZE : Herb & Spice Beers


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