The Brewery

Since 1993 FrogPubs have served their own traditionally produced artisanal beers, all freshly brewed and drawn straight from the tank. We've come a long way from the tiny brew kit still in use in the cellar of the Frog & Rosbif, and now, as well as brewing daily on site in six of our thirteen pubs, FrogBeer has its very own production brewery situated just north of central Paris in the town of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. Here we make our beer for FrogPubs, FrogBurgers and assorted shops and bars across France.

Across our seven breweries, our 37 brewers make 12,000 hectolitres of beer a year from a range of nearly 40 recipes for your drinking pleasure!

The Brewery : Bâtiment CA. Parc d'activités Spirit / Séverine. 5 rue Séverine, 93380. Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

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Take a tour

Visit one of our brewpubs' working breweries, meet the brewers and discover more about the beer-making process. A FrogBeer brewer will induct you into the basics before guiding you through a tutored tasting of a cross-section of the freshly brewed FrogBeers, direct from their tanks.

Visits and tastings can be created for you and your group on a bespoke basis in Paris, Bordeaux or Toulouse, contact us to request a quote and find out more.

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